How is Chasing Your Trail Going To Get Routes All Over The World?

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I have been fortunate enough to have been part owner of a bike shop over the last 10 years. In doing so, I have had the chance over the last decade or so to get out and do a lot of riding.

Between myself, other owners, and employees/friends, we have decades of riding and running under our belts from all over globe. We have created many of the currently existing routes on Chasing Your Trail from our own riding/hiking/running experiences.

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This has been a great start for Chasing Your trail, but much more is still needed,...this is where YOU come in!

I am under no illusion that getting every great route out there is going to happen overnight. How long it will take to happen totally depends on YOU, the user!

For example, let’s say you live in Maryland in the United States,...there are currently no routes for Maryland! However, you are an active trail user and you know all the ins and outs of your local trails. By providing Chasing Your Trail with your GPS data for what you think are the best routes for your area, we will get these routes added to Chasing Your Trail ASAP. Then anyone who is new to your area, or just starting to get active will have something to use! If users all over the globe do this, it will benefit everybody! Then the next time you visit a new area, you can thank a local user who has provided the routes that you will enjoy!

And finally, ANYONE can create their own routes (or modify our existing ones). Other users can up/down vote routes, and if a route is up voted enough, it will be added as a 'core' route that shown publicly be default. This way users can help build, control, and ensure that Chasing Your Trail only offers the best routes!