Route Helpers

What is a route helper?

A route helper is someone who helps us locate the best routes in their area. They will ride, run, hike etc. those routes and give us the GPS data so we can add it to Chasing Your Trail. Route helpers also will confirm existing routes on Chasing Your Trail. They make sure that not only is the route awesome, but also that all the alerts are correct, fire in a timely manner, and ensure the route isn't missing any needed alerts.

For example, let's say you live in an area that currently doesn't have any (or very few) Chasing Your Trail routes. You being familiar with the trails in your area, can map out what you feel are the best routes and provide us with the GPS data. Or, we may have routes in your area already, but we may need you to help confirm that those routes are still current, awesome, and that the app works flawlessly on those routes.

How to become a route helper

Simply contact us via and let us know!

What we need from our route helpers

Finding the best routes

Testing out existing routes