Introducing the next step in trail evolution!

100% pure audio to help you navigate your trail!

Hit your trail without ever having to stop to look at your device for directions!


Are you tired of having to constantly stop and look at your device map to make sure you are on the right route? Are you tired of coming up on an intersection and not knowing which direction to take? Don't you wish you could just run, ride, hike etc. without having to worry about where to go, or what happens next?

That's why I have created 'Chasing Your Trail'! A custom route with audible alerts will let you know what you need to do before you have to worry about it. Chasing Your Trail is like using your mobile device for directions while driving, but on the trail instead! Are you going to be in an area outside of cell service? No worries you can simply pre-download the route in question to use offline!

Let's say you are new to an area, and want to hit the best trails there. You open your current favorite trail app, and get something like this:

complex trail

What are the best trails?...How to come up with the best route?

And lets say you finally work out a custom route like so:

complex trail

Normally this would mean you have to keep your device on/in front of you the entire time. Instead of enjoying the trail, you will constantly be stopping at intersections, worrying about where you are, and looking at your device instead of the trail!
Well, this is what Chasing Your Trail was built for!

Chasing Your Trail turns 'trail soup' into meaningful routes, and only the BEST routes using only the BEST trails!

Trail App Demo

Chasing Your Trail uses audio alerts to tell you:

- When/where to turn & when to turn around

- Heads up before your next alert zone

- If you go off route

- When your trail has started and ended

- Details on elapsed time, distance, etc.

- Custom alerts

- And more!

Chasing Your Trail was made for anyone who:

  • - Is visiting new or unfamiliar trails
  • - Has no sense of direction and/or gets easily lost
  • - Just wants to do a trail without having to constantly interact with their mobile device
  • - Wants to just do a trail in a single route, without having to worry about all the different trails that the route is composed of

How It Works

  • Install/open the Chasing Your Trail app
  • Find a route
  • Load it, put your mobile device somewhere safe and go hit the trail! That's it!

Not good enough? Modify it!

  • Find the route in question, and clone it
  • Set your own alert zones etc.

Still Not good enough? Load your own!

  • Upload your own route via .kml, .gpx, .fit file, or Strava segment id
  • Set your own alert zones etc.

Some of the activities that Chasing Your Trail is perfect for!

Dirt Biking

Snow Activities

Do you really want something to view on your screen?

Well we have that too!

(Screen shots taken January 2019)

Chasing Your Trail Screen Shot 1
Chasing Your Trail Screen Shot 1